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People Energy Review and Rates

People Energy is a residential and business electricity retailer that holds itself out as being enthusiastic, diverse and committed to helping customers get the best deal on electricity. While it currently only has market offers in Victoria, the retailer did previously offer plans in both NSW and QLD.

In this review, Canstar Blue takes a close look at what People Energy offers, what its plans might cost you, and whether signing up to this retailer could be the right decision for your home.

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People Energy Electricity Prices

Based on typical energy usage statistics for three-person households in each state, the tables below show estimated annual costs for People Energy’s current published electricity plans. Prices will vary depending on your circumstances. Use our comparison tool above for a specific comparison in your area.


Here are the current prices on our database for a typical three person household on the Citipower network in Melbourne. Use our comparison tool for a specific quote in your area.

Brand Features Benefit Period Annual Cost**
People Energy Logo

Total Saver

  • 20% discount off usage & supply charges for paying bills on time and by direct debit
OngoingBenefit Period $1,474.42Annual Cost**
People Energy Logo

On Time Saver

  • 22% discount off usage charges for paying bills on time and by direct debit
OngoingBenefit Period $1,563.63Annual Cost**
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People Energy Electricity Plans

People Energy claims its electricity offers are straight forward and easy to understand, focusing on simple products and competitive prices. The retailer has two residential deals on offer in Victoria, named the On-Time Saver and the Total Saver. Both products are ‘no contract’ and there are no early exit fees. Both deals also come with a bonus 2% discount on usage when customers pay their bills using direct debit.

On-Time Saver

The On-Time Saver gives customers a 20% discount on usage charges when they pay their bill on time. There are no contract periods or exit fees for leaving early, meaning you’re free to leave at any time if you’re unhappy with the product. Customers that opt to pay via direct debit will also receive a bonus 2% discount on usage charges.

Total Saver

The Total Saver plan gives customers an 18% discount on both usage and supply charges, in addition to a bonus 2% discount for paying with direct debit. Once again there is no contract period, meaning the discount won’t disappear after a year or two. There are also no exit fees if you want to leave early.

People Energy Prices Victoria

Below is a guide to what households on the Citipower network in Melbourne can expect to pay with People Energy. Use our comparison tool for a specific quote in your area.

People Energy Annual Cost Benefit Period
Total Saver $1,474.42 Ongoing
On-Time Saver $1,563.63 Ongoing
Standing Offer $1,999.54 N/A

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three person household on the Citipower electricity network in Melbourne, December 2018. 

People Energy Prices NSW, QLD

People Energy previously retailed in NSW and QLD, most recently offering just standing offers in these states. Whilst it no longer lists any plans to new customers in NSW and QLD, there still may be customers under contract with People Energy in these locations.

Which People Energy Product should you choose?

If you live in Victoria then you have two choices. The On-Time Saver and Total Saver look pretty similar at face value, but there’s a subtle and important distinction. The Total Saver’s discount applies to BOTH usage and supply charges, while the On-Time Saver discount applies only to usage charges. So while the On-Time Saver has a higher discount, the Total Saver could potentially save you more.

If your home has high electricity requirements, it might be best to consider the On-Time Saver and take advantage of the slightly higher usage rate discount. Households with low to medium energy usage may find they save more with the total saver’s additional discount to supply charges.  To see how other retailers compare, check out Canstar Blue’s comparison of Victorian electricity prices.

Is People Energy environmentally friendly?

While People Energy’s electricity products look pretty good value, it’s only fair that we point out the retailer’s shortfalls as well – including its attitude towards renewable energy. People Energy came near to last in the GreenPeace Green electricity guide. It was particularly criticised for its lack of any solar or GreenPower offers, as well as its failure to report any sustainability information.

People Energy Billing

People Energy’s drive to improve the customer’s experience is represented through its wide array of billing options. Customers can pay using any of the following methods:

  • Online – Pay online using VISA or Mastercard
  • Over the phone – Call People Energy and use your credit card to pay your bill
  • BPAY – Simply use the Biller Code on your bill to pay via BPAY
  • Direct Debit – Allow People Energy to automatically direct debit your bill and you will receive a bonus 2% discount
  • By Mail – You can mail a cheque straight to the People Energy postal address.

Is People Energy right for me?

People Energy is a small, relatively new retailer and is a viable alternative to the big utility companies. Its rates and discounts seem reasonable and could prove more affordable than some other retailers out there, however, information on its website is vague, so be sure to carefully enquire about what you’re getting into before signing up with People Energy. If you want a retailer that cares about its customers, it might be worth giving People Energy a chance to live up to its claims. If you are passionate about renewable energy however, then perhaps shop around.

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