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washing machine buy guide 2

How to pick the best washing machine for your home

Find out which type of washing machine is best for your home and family. Compare features and models with Canstar Blue’s review of washing machines.

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Washing machine

Top loader vs front loader washing machines

Which are best, top or front load washing machines? Join the debate as Canstar Blue weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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What can and shouldn’t go in the clothes dryer

Before you switch on your clothes dryer, consider whether or not you’re about to heat something you shouldn’t. Here is a guide to clothes dryer-safe fabrics.

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washing machine combo

Washer dryer combos: Our buying guide

Are washer-dryers worth the money? Here is everything you need to know about buying a washer-dryer combo.

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dryer safety tips

Clothes Dryer Safety Tips

Many households use clothes dryers to tackle their laundry needs, but this reliance comes at the cost of the obligation to operate it safely.

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