LCD, LED & 3D TV Reviews

 Posted by on 30/10/2014
We’re big film buffs here at Canstar Blue. Whether it’s a something hilarious (you can’t go wrong with Flying High), a sweet rom com (we’re suckers for Love Actually), or a solid action movie (The Raid is particularly good – although not for kids!) – we can’t get enough of modern cinema. To get the most out of our viewing experience, however, we all need a great TV in our living rooms.

We’re absolutely spoiled for choice in this regard, with so many different brand in the market producing top tier models. To narrow down the search, we asked Australians everywhere to review their TV, and rate their level of satisfaction. Make sure you check out our ratings below on a a few different kinds of TV … and then go track down some popcorn.

What are you looking for today?

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