7 Appliance Trends to Look Out For in 2021

With every new year, comes new trends, especially in home and kitchen appliances. In fact, manufacturers often unveil their newest and latest innovations and products at the start of the year, heralding a new age of colour schemes, features and specs. So, what’s in store for 2021? Here are seven major appliance trends to look out for this year.

7 appliance trends to look out for in 2021

Furniture appliances

2021 furniture appliance trends

LG has announced a new range of ‘furniture concept’ appliances stated to make a global debut in 2021. Word on the street is we’ll see more built-in and integrated appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and even built-in fridges of all shapes (i.e. high modules, separate cabinets, etc.) become more popular, as households increasingly look to assimilate both functionality and style in their kitchens. Built-in appliances work identically to their freestanding counterparts, but just blend seamlessly with the décor.

Black back in vogue

black appliances 2021 trends

Many appliance brands are showing their dark side in 2021, with bronze, matte black, stainless steel and silver styles becoming ever more so popular. Brands like Samsung and Hisense have already unveiled dark-themed and ‘midnight’ kitchen appliances including dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and fridges, including Hisense’s French door 360L fridge in black steel for $1,999 RRP. We’re betting top dollar other manufacturers will have something similar in store for 2021.

Here are some dark-coloured appliances worth a look:

  • LG 9kg Front Load Washer – Black (WV9-1409B): $1,299 RRP*
  • Haier 565L Quad Door French Door Fridge – Black (HRF565YHC): $1,674 RRP*
  • Mitsubishi Electric 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split Inverter Air Conditioner (MSZEF35VGBKIT): $1,989 RRP*
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Smart appliances

Smart appliances trends 2021

Whether it’s your fridge reminding you when you’re low on milk or peering at what’s inside it remotely, GPS navigation in robot vacuums, AI air conditioners or simple Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart appliances will become more mainstream in 2021. Samsung is definitely leading the way in this arena, boasting a wide range of smart fridges, washers and clothes dryers.

Demand and competition in the market are making smart technologies cheaper overall, which means we’ll see more ‘intelligent’ appliances enter the modern home soon. Vorwerk (the manufacturers of Thermomix) has also announced a new smart Bluetooth-enabled docking station called ‘Thermomix Friend’ that works alongside the Thermomix TM6 or TM5, due to be released in Australia and New Zealand mid-2021.

Here are some smart appliances worth checking out:

  • Samsung 8.5kg BubbleWash Smart AI Front Load Washer (WW85T504DAE): $799 RRP*
  • Samsung 8.0kW GEO Wind-Free Split System (AR9500): $875 RRP*
  • Samsung 671L Family Hub Refrigerator (SRF671BFH2): $4,999 RRP*

‘Healthy’ cooking appliances

Healthy cooking appliances 2021

Baking our way out of boredom in 2020 was fun and all, but 2021 is a new year and we’ve all got new #health goals to kick. With more of us cooking at home, which is evidently better for your waistline (and wallet) than eating out, we predict that nifty healthy cooking appliances like dehydrators, juicers, steamers, air fryers and the likes, will feature prominently on our kitchen countertops this year.

Here are some options worth investing in:

  • Kmart 3L Slow Cooker: $25 RRP*
  • Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor (46230): $174 RRP*
  • Sunbeam Multi-Function Oven Plus Air Fryer (BT7200): $249 RRP*
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Steam ovens

Steam oven trends 2021

Steam ovens offer a whole new way of cooking (healthily), and it seems more kitchen brands including Bosch, Westinghouse and Smeg are investing in this new alternative, with new models expected to come on the market in 2021. The benefits of steam ovens are endless, including their ability to lock in nutrients and moisture in dishes without using oil or butter and can re-heat leftovers without drying out your food.

Here are some steam ovens worth checking out:

  • Asko 45cm Combination Steam Oven (OCS8464S): $2,699 RRP*
  • ILVE 45cm Grigio Lusso Compact Combi-Steam Oven (ILCS45GV): $2,872 RRP*
  • Bosch 45cm Serie 8 Compact Steam Oven (CSG656RB1A): $3,137 RRP*
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Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops 2021

Induction ranges will become an increasingly popular alternative to gas and electric cooktops in 2021. Not only do induction cooktops heat up faster than electric ranges, but they also offer more precise temperature controls and are more energy-efficient. They’re also a lot easier to clean and maintain, so it’s a no brainer really. Traditionally, induction cooktop ranges have been more expensive to buy, but we’ve seen brands like Westinghouse and Euromaid offer some affordable alternatives under $1,500.

Looking for budget-friendly induction cooktops?

  • Chef 60cm Induction Cooktop (CHI643BA): $879 RRP*
  • Delonghi 60cm Induction Cooktop (DEIND603): $1,024 RRP*
  • Artusi 90cm Induction Cooktop (CAID95X): $1,286 RRP*
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*Prices taken from respective retailers, correct as of January 2021.

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