Electrolux Pure F9 Vacuum Review

While cleaning the house isn’t fun for most people, Electrolux aims to create better experiences and improve everyday life for consumers. This goal is embodied in every idea from the unique ComfortLift dishwasher to Electrolux’s latest FlexLift technology featured in its Pure F9 stick vacuum that allows you to adjust the height for your comfort. This might sound fitting for people who find handsticks either too short or too long for their height, but is it worth the extra cost? Read on for all the specs and features to decide.

Introducing the Electrolux Pure F9 Vacuum

Pure F9 Vacuum

The Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum is a handstick model fitted with a brand-new system called ‘FlexLift’. This lets you adjust the height of its telescopic tube, so “it’s right for everyone”, according to the brand. It’s boasted for combining the power and performance of a traditional vacuum with the ease of a cordless cleaner to help make cleaning your home easier.

How does the Electrolux Pure F9 work?

The Electrolux Pure F9 is fitted with a number of advanced features. Electrolux’s Auto Function is said to automatically adjust the airflow and suction level of the vacuum to suit different types of floors. In addition, with the unique FlexLift sliding mechanism, not only can you adjust the height to suit you personally, but you can also adjust it to help you reach high corners of your ceiling or underneath low furniture. Plus, it can turn into a handheld for vacuuming small areas such as inside the car or a bookshelf.

How long does the Electrolux Pure F9 battery last?

Electrolux’s Pure F9 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. It features three power levels, offering the following runtimes:

  • Max power: 17 min runtime
  • Mid power: 30 min runtime
  • Long power: 60 min runtime

The Electrolux Pure F9 provides up to 60 minutes of vacuuming on its lowest setting, but this decreases as you increase the power. On average, most entry level handsticks run for around 20 minutes while the more advanced offer 40 minutes and up.

Pure F9 Features

Electrolux Pure F9 Design

With the unique sliding body and its low centre of gravity, the Pure F9 is claimed to be light in hand and easy to manoeuvre, giving you a balanced cleaner. It’s equipped with LED nozzle lights boasted to help highlight microscopic flecks of dust and illuminate dark areas such as underneath couches and beds. It also has a self-standing design, allowing you to park the vacuum when needed in an upright position, ready to resume when you are. It’s the same for charging, stand it upright and plug it into a wall socket, no charging dock required.

Electrolux Pure F9 Accessories

Pure F9 Accessories

The Pure F9 is stated to be adaptable to all surfaces and furnishings with its integrated pull out hose and the 3-in-1 smart tool. The multi-functional nozzle features a round brush as well as a crevice tool.

How much does the Electrolux Pure F9 cost?

The Pure F9 vacuum comes in three different variants:

  • Electrolux Pure F9 Allergy – Satin White: $899 (RRP)
  • Electrolux Pure F9 Animal – Chilli Red: $899 (RRP)
  • Electrolux Pure F9 FlexLift – Indigo Blue: $799 (RRP)

The Pure F9 Allergy and the Pure F9 Animal cost $899, while the Pure F9 FlexLift model costs $799. All models come with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

The price difference is in the additional filtration system that the Allergy and Animal models come equipped with. Electrolux’s Allergy Plus washable filter and 5 step cyclonic technology is claimed to seal in fine dust, pet hair and purify exhaust air. So, if allergies and air quality are of concern, you might like to consider the first two models.

Furthermore, the Electrolux Pure F9 Allergy features an extra wide Allergy Pro motorised nozzle with a plush pad to help remove debris from delicate surfaces and furniture. Whereas the Electrolux Pure F9 Animal has a Pet Pro motorized nozzle with a rubber pad, specifically designed for homes with pets.

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Should I buy the Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum?

The competition is heating up in the world of handstick vacuums with many brands aiming to optimise their models and outdo the rest. While there are some stand-out features that this stick vacuum from Electrolux provides, it’s important to consider your budget and household needs. If spending close to $900 is out of your budget, you might like to look elsewhere. However, keep in mind that investing in a quality vacuum might be a wise idea, to ensure it lasts you long-term.

While the Pure F9 does offer one of the longest runtimes, this does decrease significantly when you use the vacuum on max power, which might not be ideal for large homes. Nevertheless, it’s designed with comfort and versatility to help make vacuuming a breeze. To compare different vacuum brands, check out our ratings via the link below.

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