Kogan’s best Black Friday deals to watch out for

Kogan has already started to bring its huge Black Friday deals to the big screen. The online retailer is currently selling a mixture of its own brand of smart TVs and 4K for up to 40% off, but what exactly makes them special? Tune into our quick guide to see some of the models we think you might want to keep an eye on.

Black Friday Deals on Kogan TVs

Get up to 40% off Kogan TVs this Black Friday. Here are some of the biggest discounts on offer:

Model RRP Sale Price % Off
Kogan 75” Smart HDR 4K LED TV $2,499 $1,479.99 40% off RRP
Kogan 60” Smart HDR 4K LED TV $899 $589.99 34% off RRP
Kogan 24” LED TV & DVD Combo $199 $139.99 29% off RRP
Kogan 32” LED TV & DVD Combo $899 $649.99 27% off RRP
Kogan QLED 55” Smart HDR 4K TV $899 $649.99 27% off RRP

Source: Kogan, November 2019


Kogan TVs on sale

Kogan 75 Smart HDR 4K LED TV mu8010

Kogan 75” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series MU8010)

Priced at $1,479.99, down from $2,499 — 40% off RRP

The biggest discount to keep an eye on is the Kogan 75” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series MU8010), which has been discounted further since it appeared in the EOFY sales for 34% off its retail price earlier this year. It’s the most expensive TV from the brand and features Ultra HD viewing to deliver up to four times the resolution of Full HD.

  • 5-star energy rating
  • Linux Operating System
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR) capable of recording up to 1TB of free-to-air TV
  • Two USB ports and three HDMI ports
  • VESA mount compatible.

This Kogan smart TV also comes with ‘one touch access’ to Netflix and YouTube, as well as freeview and live & catch up content from all free-to-air networks.

Kogan 60 Smart HDR 4K LED TV LU8010

Kogan 60” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 LU8010)

Priced at $589.99, down from $899 — 34% off RRP

For a big screen without necessarily the large price tag, the Kogan 60” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 LU8010) might be worth considering. Similar to Kogan’s other models, it offers a 4K viewing experience on a 58” panel with HDR. It has quick access to Netflix and YouTube, and screen mirroring capabilities for Android and Windows Devices. Other features include:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity
  • Two USB and three HDMI ports.

Kogan 24 LED TV & DVD Combo EH6000

Kogan 24” LED TV & DVD Combo (Series 6 EH6000)

Priced at $139.99, down from $199— 29% off RRP

Kogan wants to prove that size doesn’t matter, with the Kogan 24” LED TV & DVD Combo (Series 6 EH6000) designed to give a viewing experience just as satisfying as its wider screen counterparts. This model offers flexibility thanks to its compact size, supposedly making the Kogan TV suitable for a range of spaces like the bedroom, kitchen and even the desktop workspace. The brand also recommends the Kogan 24” LED TV for students due to the affordable price tag.

  • 6-star energy rating
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Automatic sleep timer and parental lock.

Kogan 32 LED TV & DVD Combo EH6100

Kogan 32” LED TV & DVD Combo (Series 6 EH6100)

Priced at $649.99, down from $899 — 27% off RRP

Wrapped up in this modern TV is an old school feature Kogan can’t help but still hold onto: the DVD player — the contemporary alternative to the built-in VCR, an actual piece of retro TV technology. The single USB and three HDMI ports even allow you to use a legacy VCR with the Kogan 32” LED TV & DVD Combo (Series 6 EH6100), in addition to things like gaming consoles and projectors.

  • 5-star energy rating
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
  • VESA mounting capability.

Kogan QLED 55 Smart HDR 4K TV RU8510

Kogan QLED 55” Smart HDR 4K TV (Series 8 RU8510)

Priced at $649.99, down from $899 — 27% off RRP

The “nearly-bezeless viewing” might make Kogan’s QLED 55” Smart HDR 4K TV (Series 8 RU8510) the television equivalent of an infinity pool. In addition to Catchup TV, this model offers one touch access to Netflix and YouTube, as well as apps like Facebook and Twitter. The Kogan smart TV also lets you access streaming applications such as TG Toon Goggles for kids. But the availability of different channels may vary between regions, while some services like Netflix require a paid subscription. Other features include:

  • Linux Smart OS
  • Screencast for Android and Windows 10 devices
  • WIFI and Lan connectivity
  • Two USB and four HDMI ports.

Compared to standard LED TVs that produce light behind the display, the brand claims the Quantum Dot Technology (QLED) “uses self-adjusting, light-emitting crystal particles to throw light off in every direction for ultra realistic colour, depth and viewing from nearly every angle”.

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What other Kogan TVs are on sale during Black Friday in Australia?

  • Kogan 60” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series LU8010): $589.99 (34% off RRP of $899)
  • Kogan 50” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series RU8010): $379 (30% off RRP of $549.99)
  • Kogan QLED 44” Smart HDR 4K TV (Series 8 RU8510): $649 (27% off RRP of $299.99)
  • Kogan 43” Smart LED (TV series 7 AH7500): $189.99 (26% off RRP of $259.99)
  • Kogan 55” 4K HDR LED LED TV (TV series 8 JU8100): $389.99 (24% off RRP of $519)
  • Kogan 58” Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 LU8010): $499.99 (16% off of RRP $599.99)

Bottom line on TV sales

While a certain large screen television might be great to look at, it usually comes at an eye-watering price. So, don’t sit back during this sales time because discounts won’t last long and stocks might run out. But don’t forget to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal for you.

There are plenty of sales happening this Black Friday sales on a range of other appliances including ovens, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Happy shopping!

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