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Eating out, or eating in? We’ve compared a wide range of different food and drink brands for both inside and outside the home. We’ve also compared supermarkets in another category.

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the good healthy chocolate cacao

Cacao: The good chocolate

Chocolate is one of those foods that provide comfort and happiness, if only for a moment. But there is a reason it lasts just for a moment. We know confectionary chocolate isn’t healthy, it’s extensively …

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healthy snacks

How to snack smarter

These days there is such a strong focus on health and wellbeing that it’s easy to pick up a ‘healthy snack’ from the supermarket, thinking it’s good for you. In reality though, a lot of …

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goji berry

Is it time you got to know goji berries?

Amid all the talk of superfoods, there’s one little berry that takes the cake in terms of popularity. You can find them covered in chocolate, bouncing around with coffee beans, or juiced in pretty bottles …

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Spirulina hero

Spirulina: The green nutrient-packed machine

It’s the dark green algae that’s become one of the richest sources of nutrients in the world, but spirulina isn’t just your average pond scum! For centuries, spirulina has been sourced and loved by civilizations across …

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Why you need to eat flaxseeds

This little brown seed is a powerful source of healthy fat, fibre and omega 3 fatty-acid, and supports healthy hormones, brain function, digestion and cravings. But that’s just the beginning! Incorporating flaxseeds into your diet …

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