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Canstar Blue’s 2019 fruit juice review has seen ALDI Westcliff, Mildura, Golden Circle, Harvey Fresh, ALDI Country Orchard, Coles, Black Label, Nudie, Daily Juice, Woolworths, Berri and Just Juice rated on customer satisfaction.

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Most Satisfied Customers | ALDI Westcliff

ALDI Westcliff has taken out the top spot in Canstar Blue’s 2019 ratings for fruit juice, scoring five stars for value for money, packaging design, texture and consistency as well as overall satisfaction.

ALDI squeezes the competition in fruit juice ratings

A breakfast staple, a lunchbox filler, and something that can give you some much needed vitamins and minerals, fruit juice is a popular choice for many households. But with plenty of brands and flavours in the supermarket aisles, finding one to pop in your shopping trolley can prove to be a bigger decision than originally thought, especially if your family is divided over which is the best!

To find out which brand Aussies are turning to for their juice cravings, Canstar Blue has surveyed more than 1,500 adults who have recently purchased and consumed packaged fruit juice from a supermarket or grocer, with ALDI Westcliff the pick of the bunch, scoring five stars for value for money, packaging design, texture and consistency, as well as overall customer satisfaction.

Best-Rated Fruit Juice


Canstar Blue’s 2019 fruit juice review saw 12 brands compared and rated in the following order for overall customer satisfaction:

  • 1st ALDI Westcliff
  • 2nd Mildura
  • 3rd Golden Circle
  • 4th Harvey Fresh
  • 5th ALDI Country Orchard
  • 6th Coles
  • 7th Black Label
  • 8th Nudie
  • 9th Daily Juice
  • 10th Woolworths
  • 11th Berri
  • 12th Just Juice

Mildura, Golden Circle, Harvey Fresh, ALDI Country Orchard, Coles, Black Label, Nudie, Daily Juice, Woolworths and Berri were all rated four stars for overall satisfaction, with Just Juice rounding out the results with three stars overall. Despite 12 brands featuring in our ratings, there weren’t many five-star reviews, with ALDI Westcliff claiming the majority of them.

Other results of note included Mildura scoring the only five-star rating for taste, while Golden Circle was the only brand to achieve top marks for variety. Nudie was the only other brand to get in on the five-star action, sharing the top spot with ALDI for texture and consistency.

Our research also found that almost a quarter of respondents (23%) have juice every day, meaning what juice you choose can have an impact on your grocery shop, especially if you have to buy multiple types!

Australia’s favourite fruit juice

 boys drink healthy smoothies

While it may not seem like it, juice can be a major talking point when it comes to what flavour comes out on top. Considering how many options you have to choose from, in addition to a variety of brands offering mixed blends to tempt your tastebuds, we asked our survey respondents to tell us what flavour they most recently purchased and found:

  • Orange: 43%
  • Juice blend (e.g. tropical, breakfast etc.): 26%
  • Apple: 16%
  • Pineapple: 6%
  • Cranberry: 3%
  • Grapefruit: 1%

What to consider when buying juice

While to some juice may just be juice, for others, juice is a way of life, with plenty of difference between brands, flavours and ingredients. With 54% of survey respondents trying multiple brands, there’s plenty to consider the next time you wander down the supermarket aisle.


Healthy organic drinks.

With any other food product, if it doesn’t taste good, there’s not much point in buying it. While taste can be subjective – after all, we all have our preferences – if a product or brand just doesn’t suit your tastebuds, then it may be time to switch.

  • Mildura came out on top with five stars, while ALDI Country Orchard, Woolworths and Just Juice were rated three stars. All other brands, including overall winner ALDI Westcliff, finished on four stars.

Value for money

Value for money doesn’t just mean it’s the cheapest, so you’ll have to look for more than just the price tag. While price is an important factor for Aussie shoppers, with 13% of survey respondents always buying the cheapest brand of juice, and 46% buying it on their regular grocery shop, value for money may mean that your juice of choice offers more bang for your buck, such as a lower sugar content, or additional vitamins and minerals in comparison to other juices.

  • ALDI Westcliff secured the top spot for value for money while Black Label, Nudie, Daily Juice, Berri and Just Juice got three stars. All other brands achieved four stars.

Packaging design

Woman holding a bottle of orange juice

You’ll want a container that you can simply grab and pour from, as well as something that’s easy to open. After all, you don’t want to be struggling to get to your juice early in the morning. Factors such as easy-open lids, as well as handles for larger containers are something that we may take for granted, until we come across a container that doesn’t have them!

  • ALDI Westcliff was again the only brand to score five stars for packaging design, with Black Label and Woolworths the only brands to finish on three stars. All other brands were rated four stars.

Texture & consistency

Similar to taste, if the texture or consistency of your fruit juice just doesn’t feel right, chances are you won’t want to drink it again. While you’ll have some choice in this area – such as going for pulp-free or extra-pulp orange fruit juice – most of us will want our juice to go down smooth, meaning texture and consistency is an important area to consider.

  • Nudie joined ALDI Westcliff at the top with five stars for texture, while the majority of brands were rated four stars. Only ALDI Country Orchard and Woolworths were rated three stars in this area.

Variety & range

bottle of orange juice in a supermarket

While we all have our favourite flavour, having plenty to choose from can make the grocery shop easier, particularly if you have fussy eaters at home. While some brands may stick to only a few flavours, others have plenty of shelf space for you to go through to find your new favourite.

  • Golden Circle was the only brand to be rated five stars for variety and range, while Black Label and Woolworths were at the other end of the scale with three stars. All other brands were rated four stars.

And there you have it, all the juice-y gossip about our favourite juice flavour, as well as what to look out for the next time you’re after a glass of fresh juice.

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This report was written by Canstar Blue’s home & lifestyle journalist, Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito. She’s an expert on household appliances, grooming products and all things grocery and shopping. In addition to translating our expert research into consumer-friendly ratings reports, Tahnee spends her time helping consumers make better-informed purchase decisions on all manner of consumer goods and services, while highlighting the best deals and anything you need to be aware of.

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Canstar Blue surveyed 3,000 Australian adults across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction, via ISO 26362 accredited research panels managed by Qualtrics. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased and consumed packaged fruit juice from a supermarket or grocer in the last month (note: not including freshly squeezed/juice bar/restaurant juice, or fruit drinks such as cordial or kombucha) – in this case, 1,502 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then by mean overall satisfaction. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.