Organic alcohol: What is it?


What is Organic Alcohol?Organic products are all the rage these days, and one of the more interesting items to emerge on the Australian market is organic alcohol. Through a production process that ensures a final product free of anything artificial, organic alcohol has the potential to be healthier and (hopefully) better tasting than your average stubby.

What is organic alcohol?

Organic alcohol is made from ingredients that are grown and processed organically and have nothing artificial added. This leaves these alcohol products free of any chemicals that could have potentially been picked up during the fermentation process.

Because of the extra effort required to make the product, organic alcohol usually ends up with a more expensive price tag. Still, for a little bit extra, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your bottle of vodka is packed full of organic goodness.

Does organic alcohol lessen hangovers?

Some sources have claimed that organic products can lead to a hangover that isn’t as bad as the norm, but we’ve found nothing concrete to prove this theory correct (and one source disputing it altogether). Sorry – it would’ve been nice to be rid of the vengeful aftermath of ‘a few too many’, but alcohol dehydrates your body because of the ethanol content. This is usually a main cause of the common hangover; and ethanol is also present in organic alcohol.

Does it taste better than regular alcohol?

Well, that’s up to the skill of the manufacturer and your personal preferences. Try it! And who knows: you might even discover a new favourite.

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