What’s Australia’s favourite alcoholic drink?

We pit beer against wine and rum against vodka in our latest results.

Having a drink with friends is something of a national past time in this country. While we’re certainly nowhere near the top of the list in terms of which country’s citizens consume the most alcohol per person (we’re not even in the top 10), we still tally a significant 12.2 litres of pure alcohol annually.

But what is it that we’re drinking? We asked Australians that very question, to see just which type of alcohol is the national favourite.

Australians Most Enjoyed Alcohol

Red wine was the most enjoyed by Australians. Interestingly, of the $128 million spent on nationwide alcohol advertising in 2007, only 21% was devoted to wine, while a massive 47% was for beer. Nevertheless, wine still topped our list.

Thirty-one per cent of respondents think of themselves as something of a beer expert, while an even larger proportion, 35%, consider themselves a wine connoisseur.

Red Wine Tops The List

Other notables to emerge from the results include such facts as:

  • 27% of Australians most enjoy red wine
  • 24% prefer beer
  • 16% prefer white wine
  • 7% of respondents like cider
  • 7% nominate whisky
  • 6% most enjoy vodka

At the tail end of these results, 4% of respondents couldn’t be accounted for, while 3% say rum is their favourite alcohol, 3% nominate champagne and 2% declare tequila the number one “fave”.

Many more men than women say that beer is their favourite alcoholic tipple – 34% versus 11% to be precise. Adversely, 24% of women most enjoy white wine, while only 11% of men concurred.

In Victoria, a greater percentage of respondents declare whisky their favourite drink (14%) – making it the unofficial Scotch capital of the country! In Queensland, fewer respondents say they prefer beer (12%) than anywhere else in Australia.

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And remember: regardless of what your favourite beverage is, always drink responsibly.  

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