Why we buy alcohol online


Woman laptop wineAccording to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, three out of four internet users shop online. From clothes to magazines to groceries and tickets, we love browsing the shops from the comfort of our own couch.

This trend to online shopping is also evident when it comes to buying alcohol. So why do we do it?

Canstar Blue has surveyed more than 700 adults who have bought alcohol online in the last six months and found that the perception of getting good value for money is the main motivation for jumping online. There’s also the convenience factor of course, and the fact that it’s just so easy to do.

Overall, the reasons nominated by Canstar Blue’s 702 survey respondents as the main factor for shopping online were as follows:

Reason for buying online % agree
Cheap deals 44%
Convenience 38%
Wide range of drinks 10%
I don’t like going into alcohol shops 3%

Source: www.canstarblue.com.au Online Liquor Stores survey, 2015

The main reasons for shopping online were reasonably consistent across the generations, although 48% of Baby Boomers nominated “cheap deals” as the driving factor, compared to 38% and 39% of Gen Ys and Xs respectively. On the other hand, the younger generations were more likely to appreciate the wide range of alcohol available online (at 17% and 14%) while only 6% of Baby Boomers nominated range as a driving factor. Driving factors for online shopping were also evenly split between the sexes.

When it comes to the type of alcohol we buy, there is more difference between both age and sex; beer is the most enjoyed alcohol for 32% of men, while just 10% of women nominated beer as the best. Cider is the most preferred alcohol for Gen Y, while only 2% of Baby Boomers gave it the ultimate tick of approval. Red wine was the single most enjoyed alcohol for Baby Boomers, with 36% of the vote and relative consistency between the sexes. Vodka is a perhaps surprising front runner, with a full 7% of the vote as most enjoyed alcohol, including 13% of Gen Ys and Xs.

While cheap deals pipped convenience as the single biggest driving factor for online purchase, some of us may love those deals just a bit too much, with 32% of survey respondents admitting that they spend more on alcohol than they should.

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