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Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. First, computers revolutionised the way we do business and communicate with each other. Next, smartphones came along and did the same thing again. Now, technology is being incorporated into ordinary household appliances for the purpose of home automation.

Home automation uses technology to give us more control over household activities and appliances. You can use your smartphone and home Wi-Fi network to control just about every electrical item in your home.

Here are five ways that you can use smart appliance and products to make your home amazing.

Smart TV and Home Theatre

Home theatre systems have come a long way in just a few years. The advent of high-definition screens was just the beginning of amazing home theatres. Now you can get TVs with 4K Ultra HD displays and inbuilt streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

But the home theatre experience doesn’t end with your screen. You can change the lighting, curtains, and temperature to your favourite settings and start playing a movie simultaneously. All from the palm of your hand.

Smart TVs from Samsung have a range of smart features including being able to control all the devices that are connected to the TV through the remote.

Multi-Room Music

With the right hardware, you can have a speaker in every room in your home and control them all easily. Whether you want all your speakers playing the same music for a party or different family members want to listen to their own music in different rooms, it’s easy to control exactly how you listen to your music.

You can also control where your music is playing from, whether your system is connected to a music library on your computer or streaming directly from a service like Spotify or Pandora. You could also hook your system up to a record player if you’re into vinyl.

There are a few different brands that are making products with home automation and multi-room systems in mind. One of the most interesting ones is Sonos because they manufacture speakers as well as providing you with a software platform that puts all your streaming options in one place.

White Goods

Unfortunately, there are currently no products available that can load and unload your washer and dryer or fold your laundry for you. However, you can set up a lot of your kitchen and laundry appliances to be controlled remotely, turn on at set times, and notify you when they’re ready.

You can have your kettle or coffee maker to turn on when your alarm goes off in the morning, and you can have your washing machine to send a notification to your phone when it finishes a cycle. No matter what system you want to set up, there’s a way to do it.

GE has a range of appliances that support the home automation platform If This Then That which allows users to easily set up customised programs like those mentioned above

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Heating and Cooling

Climate control for your home is more advanced than ever. You can control the heating and cooling for your home remotely so that it’s the perfect temperature when you wake up, and when you get home from work. Turning off your heating and cooling while you’re out will also help you save on energy costs, so you don’t have to chose between being green and being comfortable anymore.

These systems have become so smart that they can learn your schedule, your preferred temperatures, and detect when you’re out. You can have complete control and complete automation of your home heating and cooling.

The Nest thermostat is the current market leader in smart heating and cooling for homes. It can learn your schedule and preferences as you use it and has features that integrate with a range of other home automation products.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has gotten much more advanced than the humble dimmer switch. Not only can you control the brightness of your lights, but also their colour and shade. Smart lightbulbs can connect to your home Wi-Fi and you can control them with your smartphone.

You can set up timers and alarms with your lights as well as selected preset and customisable lighting themes. You can have a different lighting theme for watching movies, reading, and relaxing.

One of the leading smart lighting products is Hue from Philips. They support all of the smart features mentioned above as well as having a preset lighting options designed by experts for different purposes.

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